Using Metamask, DAI, and Gitcoin Grants!

by Clayton Leslie

Interested in making a tax-deductible donation to us? Check out our Gitcoin Grant page. There isn’t much time left, but it’s the future of donation!

But how to donate? Well you’ll need to access web3 (the decentralized, BLOCKCHAIN-oriented) web. How do you access web3? The answer is MetaMask, a portal to web3. Let’s keep it simple.

  1. Install MetaMask for your browser:

  2. Set up your account. You’ll make a password, and receive your seed phrase. Write these down!

  3. Great! You’re ready to add some funds. Ethereum is the gas that makes this work. Buy some on an exchange.

  4. You’re ready to send it to MetaMask. Click “Account 1”, at the top of your MetaMask: MetaMaskTutorialTooltip

  5. Your MetaMask Address is copied. Paste it into the “send” function within your ETH wallet.

  6. Wait until your ETH arrives: MetaMaskTutorialTooltip

  7. Great, now you have ETH. You’ll need to swap it to DAI, this is the currency Gitcoin Grants accept.

  8. It’s easy to swap within MetaMask. Click this: MetaMaskTutorialTooltip

  9. Choose an amount of ETH to swap over to DAI. Don’t swap all of your ETH, you’ll need this later. Then click get quotes: MetaMaskTutorialTooltip

  10. Simply click “swap” when your quote arrives. You now have DAI and are ready to donate.

  11. Note: you might need to add more ETH depending on network fees. Avoid high fees by depositing the amount of DAI you want to donate initially, rather than swapping to ETH. You’ll need less ETH, as the fee will be lower.

You’re ready to donate! Click in to the grant donation page:

  1. Click the “Add to Cart” button in gitcoin. You will be prompted to connect your MetaMask wallet. Just click the prompt!

  2. Once connected, you’ll be taken to: MetaMaskTutorialTooltip

  3. Standard checkout is fine. Click it.

You’ve donated! Thanks for helping us educate the world about Blockchain!

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