Clayton Leslie

Clayton studied economics in school, and what he learned there often worried him. Luckily, he came across Bitcoin during that time, which always inspires him. After having success selling software products, his focus shifted to how products are built. Clayton aims to help grow the digital asset space by prioritizing user experience in blockchain products, increasing transparency and standards for projects, and fostering community and trust around digital assets through education and outreach.

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Using Metamask, DAI, and Gitcoin Grants!

by Clayton Leslie

Interested in making a tax-deductible donation to us? Check out our Gitcoin Grant page. There isn’t much time left, but...

Pickles, DeFi, and Transparency

by Clayton Leslie

Are you full of $Sushi and $Kimchi? Did that $Hotdog make you sick? Perhaps it’s time for Pickle; more food...

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