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Blockchain (n.)

Accuracy in the digital world.


The decentralized revolution can only begin once we include everyone. Our beginner courses use straightforward language to help anyone get up to speed. Learn vocabulary and get a conceptual understanding of the ecosystem.
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Blockchain 101

Jeremy Cogan Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain have emerged as important technological implementations for individuals, governments and corporations alike. The goal of this course is to familiarize students with the unique characteristics of the blockchain and its many iterations and applications, from Bitcoin to smart contracts, decentralized networks, and consensus mechanisms. Start Course

Blockchain Security

ALEX MORRIS One of the primary reasons blockchain systems have received widespread attention has been their ability to provide secure networks without trusting a central entity. Despite this, there are some limitations of the blockchain approach, and understanding them is key to properly deploying new products and solutions. Start Course

Blockchain for Business

Jeremy Cogan Decentralization, immutability and partial transparency all suit the needs of private business. However, exposing proprietary information by utilizing a public blockchain is not an option for these organizations. In this course, we’ll explore how blockchain protocols affect businesses. Additionally, we’ll explore how businesses can utilize the blockchain to solve today and tomorrow’s problems. Start Course

Crypto Curious Course

Jeremy Cogan Bridging the education gap for new adopters with a single class designed to take them from curious to confident! Those in attendance will learn more about how Bitcoin came to be, what blockchains can be used for, and how decentralization may impact our lives. Start Course

Demystifying Defi

Jeremy Cogan Traditional financial services are coming to the decentralized world. For the first time, we have the technology to conduct banking services without the need for a third party. This is the vision that DeFi brings to reality. Start Course

Navigating NFTs

Jeremy Cogan Nothing in cryptocurrency has broken through to the mainstream the way NFTs have. Whether you are new to the blockchain world or just interested in finding out what all the buzz is about, this free webinar is for you. Start Course
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