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Intro to IPFS

In 2017, the Interplanetary File System proposed a new way of sharing media over the internet. Instead of centralized servers, IPFS uses a peer to peer network to host files. In this module, we’ll explore the basics of this new protocol as it compares to traditional options. We’re here to help. If you have any questions or feedback about this course please contact us – we’d love to hear from you! Start Course


This technology didn’t just pop up overnight! In this section we’ll cover the background of decentralized storage from torrents until now, and go through some basics terminology to get you up to speed.

Using IPFS Through the Browser

Visit try-ipfs.weteachblockchain.org to explore IPFS from your browser. No download required!

Using the IPFS Command Line

In this module, we cover how to set up your own IPFS node, and how to push and pull files from the network. We’ll also go over the addressing structure and get you caught up on the background of this technology.

State of the Industry

IPFS is just the beginning - in this module we'll catch you up on the developments currently affecting the space, and cover the various cryptocurrencies and tokens that have proposed incentive models for peer to peer storage.

Get Involved

The best part of blockchain is that anyone can get involved!