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Help Us Build a Community of Blockchain Teachers

by Alexander Morris

We built the Blockchain Institute to help provide resources that are coin agnostic and easy for everyone to understand. As we’ve grown, our community has grown with us, and the blockchain ecosystem has grown even faster. With all the new ideas flying around, we’ve long felt that it’s time to open the floor to new voices from the community, and throughout the ecosystem.

Contributions are open to all

  1. Contributions can be submitted on Github, or by email to [email protected]
  2. We are a non-profit, which means this is not an advertisement. Please keep all PR blurbs and links in your bio.
  3. No plagiarism. We are dedicated to ensuring credit for creators.
  4. GRAMMAR. Use Grammarly.com or a similar service to check your work before submitting.

Due to the pandemic, we’ve had to take a break from in-person courses, but we’re still working hard behind the scenes to make it possible for anyone to take the first step to decentralization. More recently, we launched our Blockchain Ambassador Program with the goal of helping others become teachers in their own communities.

This blog will serve a similar purpose. While there are a lot of things that we can teach, it is only with the perspective of experts in this field that we can approach more specific topics. Similarly, it is only by including voices from around the world that we can make these topics accessible to people from every walk of life.

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The best way to learn blockchain is to teach it. The systems that make up our lives have become increasingly centralized- join us and learn how to think in decentralized terms. Best of all, we give out prizes and provide hands on support, don't wait!

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The Blockchain Institute Blog will be open to submissions from the community and will provide a common platform for unbiased and straightforward explanations. Our hope is that new voices and ideas will help to inspire our students so that they can grow to become the next generation of decentralized technology pioneers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a blockchain expert, or if you’ve only just heard about Bitcoin. We want to ensure that the content shared here will help you find new perspectives, and keep you excited about the potential of distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, and decentralization!

If you’d like to make your voice heard, contact us today, and we can work with you to share your perspective and help us make learning blockchain easy, accessible, and fun!

For more information on this topic, check out and apply on our Ambassador Portal.

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The best part of blockchain is that anyone can get involved!