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Educating the Next Generation of Experts

by Amando R. Boncales, PhDc.

This recent material release about blockchain, “Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey From Promise to Reality” indicated that there is a considerable increase of interest in the utilization of blockchain technology among leading companies worldwide, creating a huge demand for professionals in the blockchain space. Another equality important research result by Gartner in 2020, blockchain-enabled applications will deliver 3.1 trillion dollars in value by 2030. As the blockchain ecosystem expands in the next ten years, as indicated in these new research results, the industry will be needing specialists, developers, and experts, all over the world.


We believed in Althash Education that as early innovators and adaptors in Blockchain Studies, professionalization and standardization are needed to produce qualified professionals. The Blockchain Education sector should respond by offering courses that will prepare the workforce in the institutional shift from centralized oriented to decentralized oriented framework of doing and thinking. This can be best observed in the way we develop software and in the manner we deliver government services.

This looming demand for capable professionals must be addressed to maintain the United States’ competitiveness in blockchain innovation globally. One way of doing this is by supporting blockchain educational programs run by not-for-profit institutions.


Htmlcoin foundation, the organization behind althash education initiative, is a blockchain firm with the purpose of bringing mass blockchain awareness and education to everyone across the globe. The cryptocurrency project, with the native coin Htmlcoin running on its althash blockchain, began in 2014 and has succeeded in educating blockchain enthusiasts all over the world.

Impact to the Blockchain Global Community

Although the first online class was in Mauritius in July 2019, the platform has gone on to reach students across Africa, Asia, Europe, North, and South American continents. It has been able to spread its tentacles in achieving this feat with no tuition fees demanded from the students. Participating countries include Brazil, Mauritius, South Africa, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, United States, Malaysia, India, Ghana, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Russia, Lesotho, Kenya, Zimbabwe, China, Gambia, Sierra-Leone, and Nigeria.

About the Program

About the Program

Courses on its ladderized blockchain curriculum are divided into three broad-spectrum categories, namely: Foundation Certification, Core Certification, and Specialized Certification. These groups span courses on Introduction to Blockchain Studies, Decentralized Applications, Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Finance, Software Development, Blockchain Economy & Tokenamics, Blockchain Leadership, and Administration, Blockchain Profession, as well as Community Development Seminar-Workshops.

As a knowledge impacting arm of the Htmlcoin, Althash University is a global campus aimed at advancing the blockchain technology, artificial learning, and related fields. With this, the Althash education platform has broken into a frontier of unlimited possibilities.

This program is 100 percent online. You may fulfill your requirements within the certificate program with a mixture of cohort and self-paced courses.

The online certificate program from Althash Education is a ladderized structure that can help you prepare for a career in a blockchain-enabled field. If you want to start a career in the blockchain space or work toward a digital economy profession, this may be the program for you. Fellowship is awarded to deserving students.

The student in this ladderized program will:

  • Learn the core concepts of blockchain technology
  • Examine best practices of cryptocurrency & financial technology
  • Apply emerging models in tokenamics & decentralized finance
  • Evaluate various monetary theories
  • Analyze blockchain use case applications
  • Create software applications through smart contract
  • Produce relevant methodologies in blockchain studies
  • Create sound processes in the digital economy

Soon, it will offer various programs to expand its capacity as a strong educational institution providing quality blockchain education to both individuals and non-government organizations all over the world. Partnership in essentials in achieving these initiatives.

Partnership & Linkages

Althash University (Alt-U) made a conscious decision to partner with big names in the blockchain education industry such as Blockchain Institute - Chicago to enhance its course offerings. In this partnership, Althash University will provide the students of their educational programs with access to Blockchain Institute’s online learning resources.

Blockchain Institute - Chicago will provide live lectures and student support during predetermined lecture periods and office hours. Faculty members from the institute are also teaching in courses such as Blockchain Technology & Innovation; Decentralization Model and Consensus Mining; and Decentralized Application in Practice. The Partnership of Althash University and Blockchain Institute resulted in improved course offerings in the existing ladderized program.

Under the initial course of this agreement, the Institute will implement three courses within the Althash Blockchain Curriculum, representing in sum the information contained in the online courses Blockchain Security, Blockchain 101, and the Crypto Curious Course.

american blockchain professionals association certificate program

Professionalization & Standardization in the Blockchain Profession

Althash Education launched an important program to standardize the blockchain profession. Registered Blockchain Professionals of America (RBPA), a Continuing Technical Education (CTE) for Blockchain Professionals aims at developing relevant skills; applying best practices; maintaining quality & standards; and enhancing vital competencies.

This initiative is designed for specialists, developers, and business innovators in the blockchain technology, artificial learning, and related fields.

Registered Practioners have Several Levels

Registered Practioners have Several Levels

1 - Registered Blockchain Specialist, RBS (Generalist) Usage: Kenton Smith, BS, RBS. 2a - Registered Blockchain Developer, RBD (Coding & Programming) Usage: Kenton Smith, BS, RBD. 2b - Registered Blockchain Professional, RBP (Business Development, Innovation & Leadership) Usage: Kenton Smith, BS, RBP.

The US must cope with this global trend to be at par among other nation-states in this new era of Blockchain Economy. Mass adoption must be promoted, continued support among industry leaders, technology entrepreneurs, business innovators, and professionals must be enhanced for the United States to be competitive.

Blockchain technology triggers an institutional shift from a centralized to a decentralized conceptual framework of operation and thinking. This monumental change is so vital that other dominant economies of the world like China, Brazil, Israel, and Germany are among the top innovators in space. China, for example, is continuously advancing new frontiers in the banking industry, the Digital Yuan, it’s newest central bank digital currency.

In the end, Htmlcoin believed that blockchain should not be limited to cryptocurrencies as there is much more than can be achieved with the technology. That is why it has invested much of its resources in impacting both technical and leadership competencies on students, some of which have gone ahead to begin their own blockchain projects.

For more information on this topic, check out and apply on our Ambassador Portal.

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