Jeremy Cogan

Jeremy first heard about blockchain technology in 2016. This sparked an interest that would lead to in-depth research on the potentials of blockchains and cryptocurrencies and becoming a founding team member of the Blockchain Institute. He spent 2017 following the numerous ICOs that occurred that year and has since been analyzing the impacts of blockchain technology. Jeremy also is a lead instructor for the institute and has designed several courses. His experience as an educator in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and his enthusiastic outlook on the impact of new technology brings passion and energy to the team

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What's Behind The NFT Craze?

by Jeremy Cogan

We’ve seen the rapid popularity increase of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. It only makes sense that attention is being directed to...

Robinhood, GameStop, and Blockchain

by Jeremy Cogan

The growth in popularity of personal finance applications has led to new opportunities for the average individual. Previously investing was...

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