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What do QR codes have to do with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin addresses are just long strings of numbers and letters. These addresses can be turned into QR codes to make the withdrawal and sending of funds easy. Instead of typing out the full address, you only need to scan the QR code!

QR Codes In Action

Most crypto wallets can be downloaded on your phone from the app store!
Open your Crypto Wallet, select Bitcoin, and hit Send.
Choose the Scan option so you can scan your friend's address as a QR code
Your friend opens their crypto wallet and selects Bitcoin and Receive
Scan the QR Code displayed on your friend's phone
Enter the amount you want to send
Hit Send!

How can you get bitcoin of your own?

This quick guide covers the three most popular ways to acquire cryptocurrency.

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Using Bitcoin is simple.

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Learn what happens behind the scenes of a bitcoin transaction step by step.

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