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Girlcon 2018

Saturday, June 16, 2018 DETAILS

A special focus of the Blockchain Institute has been to promote education among younger audiences who have the potential to be the next generation of software designers.

GirlCon is an annual conference in Chicago dedicated to promoting STEM education among young women. Our team helped to make blockchain education accessible to this group by offering educational talks and resources.

The event gave young girls and women the opportunity to meet with a variety of business people from different industries. The breakout sessions allowed these young girls to connect with women and men in their interested career paths and gain advice and knowledge. The event was paired with fantastic talks, often focused around the idea that technology and STEM is an integral factor of any career or industry.

The hosts of the Girlcon event believe strongly in fixing the lack of diversity in STEM fields. And through their conference, they have achieved this in a way, by bringing people together to connect, grow, and gain confidence in their abilities as women in business.

Director Hannah Rosenberg speaking on the Women's Youth Empowerment Panel

The Institute was proud to offer t-shirts and educational material to event participants

Visit out Media Partner Blockchain.wtf for more information: Full Event Coverage Here

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