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The Crypto Curious Course

Saturday February 22, 2020 DETAILS

The Crypto Curious Course is a four-hour workshop with a simple goal: You will walk away from it understanding how transactions work on a blockchain and see the powerful potential of decentralized technology.

Learn about what Bitcoin is, where it came from and how blockchain and cryptocurrency are connected. You will even have the opportunity to exchange a $20 bill for bitcoin using a RockItCoin cryptocurrency ATM and send it to a secure digital wallet during the course. We will be present to hold your hand through the process.

Plus you will learn:

  • How to buy and use cryptocurrency
  • What makes Bitcoin different from traditional money
  • How to safely store your cryptocurrency
  • How Blockchain can benefit you and the world
  • How a Cryptocurrency Transaction happens 'Under the Hood'

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Thanks For Joining Us!

Thanks For Joining Us! Thanks For Joining Us! Thanks For Joining Us! Thanks For Joining Us!

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